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Children's are living Jewels...
                                                   Drop from  the Heaven..... try to help you through very special period of your life. During pregnancy women experience many changes physically and  mentally. Due to these changes women cannot not maintain their daily routine. In women's life these are special moment you like to do something different, to make theses period memorable and enjoyable. Here we help you make this special moments in your life memorable. We provide you with links and listing of some website and organizations, and information on all topics are related to complications in pregnancy and development of  children's.

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Growth and development of child

Growth is the main factor in child life time growth. Growth can differ boy or girl when they are adult. The growth start from time of conception of the fertilized ovum and continue until child develop into mature adult.
The growth depends upon the size of cell. In last 6 months of pregnancy and early childhood there is also an increase in cell size. This process i.e. increase in cell size continue till about 10 years of age.


The term growth and development differ from one another. Growth means net increase in the size or mass of tissue, and development means maturation of function i.e. nervous system and variety of skills for optional functioning of an individual.

The following factor affect growth and development of child

  • The parent are transmitted to the offspring, such as tall parents have tall children.
  • Child inherit the characteristic of parent. Parents with high intelligence quotient are more likely to have children with higher level of inherent intelligence.
  •  Growth is depends upon the sex. Boys are generally longer and heavier than girls at the time of birth. The height and weight are usually less than toes in boys of corresponding ages at the time of full maturity.
  • Daughter often reach menarche at the similar age as their mother, also have similar length of menstrual cycle.
  • Genetic disorder can affect both child growth and development .Mutation of gene inherit disorder of growth. Children have multiple pregnancy such as twins, smaller newborn babies are more likely to attain lower height and weight.

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